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Department of Health & Human Services
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


CMS Announces Implementation of Renal CROWNWeb System

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is pleased to announce that the renal CROWNWeb system will move from its testing environment to a production/implementation environment on February 1, 2009. At that time, CMS will launch CROWNWeb to a small, select group of providers across the country—representing both large- and small-dialysis organizations, as well as independent dialysis facilities across the country. CMS will expand implementation as it learns more about how the system functions within individual facilities.

Until facilities are phased in to CROWNWeb implementation, they should continue with their normal business operations and reporting requirements, including using the SIMS, VISION, and paper-based data submissions. Facilities that are not part of the first phase of implementation may continue to meet their requirements under the ESRD conditions for coverage by continuing to use these submission methods.

CROWNWeb is a secure, web-based system that will capture clinical and administrative data from dialysis facilities across the country, supplanting the paper-based data collection methods that CMS currently uses.

CROWNWeb is CMS’ first step in leveraging the benefits of health information technology for the dialysis population, and will help us improve the quality of data we receive about dialysis treatments; help providers focus on providing optimal patient care; drive innovations and quality improvement of care practices; and equip CMS with more data in order to develop a more refined and responsive ESRD bundled payment system and ESRD value-based purchasing framework.

More support will be available to dialysis facilities from their local ESRD Network Organizations. A list of Networks is online at|Home|Resources|ESRDContacts|Contacts&ContactType=ESRD. Facilities can also call the CROWN Help Desk at 888-ESRD-HD1 or email

Consumers who wish to learn more about dialysis facilities in their communities can visit the Dialysis Facility Compare website at for information.

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